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Professional Taxation & Planning Services

Who We Work With

At Highland Tax & Accounting we work extensively with individuals, families and business owners. We focus on various ways that they are able to increase deductions, spilt income between family members and structure their investments in ways that can produce an income which is exempt from tax and take advantage of any available tax credits.

Reducing Your Tax Exposure

There are a number of opportunities which we can help you to take advantage of that can reduce your exposure on the local, state and federal side with planning that reflects your business and personal goals.

We do a lot of planning to support businesses that have large investments tied up in inventory and will perform an analysis in order to ensure an existing method is supporting a business’s tax profile.

Tax Planning

Wealth creation all begins with tax planning. We are able to structure salary, superannuation, investments and debt to create significant tax savings. Our tax planning service can involve:

  • Tax research
  • Return preparation
  • Maximising your after tax income
  • Remuneration packaging (salary packaging
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) management
  • Gearing
  • Investing in shares that offer 100% franked dividends
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Small Business and capital gains tax exemptions
  • Tax Planning Advice
  • Structuring the taxable entity e.g. The use of family trusts or companies

There are many factors that contribute to the amount of tax you pay so it is important to get the right advice. With careful planning you can control the amount of tax you pay.

Forward-Thinking Tax Plan

When you invest, your future financial goals are always on your mind. Your approach to tax planning should be forward-thinking as well.

We will work with you to create a forward thinking tax plan that analyses your situation and can change as you change. Whether you have personal assets, or are concerned about the shifting needs of a company, pre-emptive planning can save you thousands of dollars.